Yes, I'm still alive

This will be a quick one because I have to catch a train shortly, but I at least wanted to stop by and reassure anyone who may be following this blog that I have not moved in with a hill tribe or floated down the Mekong. I am alive and well. I haven't posted any stories yet, partly because I don't have a lot of time for the internet (or extra cash for internet cafes) and mostly because I don't have the capability to upload photos and they really make it, don't they? But regardless, here's a brief update:

- I'm five - whoa - weeks into my travels. Stephanie and I had a great time in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. She left two weeks ago and I did a little more in Laos and then moved on to Vietnam, which is where I am now (in Lao Cai waiting on a train back to Hanoi, specifically). I've seen a lot of northern Vietnam and will start to make my way down south.

- A few of the highlights: watching the sun rise behind Angkor Wat, meeting some of the most wonderful people in Cambodia who were all genuine smiles and laughs despite having what many would consider next to nothing, hanging out and soaking up the charm of Luang Prabang (I don't want to count how many desserts I ate there), kayaking in Halong Bay, playing Frogger with all the motorbikes in Hanoi...I could go on but I'll just wait for the pictures.

- And as for those pictures, here's a piece of traveling advice: bring about three times as much memory as you think you'll need. I already spent time searching Hanoi for a flash card that I deemed legitimate (not a fake) and tomorrow I'll hit the streets again for more memory. I've had to be conservative with my snapping lately, but this time I'll stock up properly.

- That's all for now. Going to hop on another overnight train, which all together constitute another highlight of the trip. Can't beat paying for hotel and transport together!