I made the Thai news

Not for protesting in red or yellow or anything else the least bit provocative ... just simply for attending the opera. No, wait, it was the flamenco performance. Both recent shows at the Thai Cultural Center attracted royalty. I didn't see anyone newsworthy at the opera; we just knew someone significant was there because of the 30-minute delay on both sides of the performance as the audience waited for the entourage to enter and exit. For the flamenco dancing, though, our foursome sat directly behind everyone's favorite princess. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn is known for her photography (I once went to an exhibition of the photos she's taken during her many travels), community involvement and love of the arts (the annual music and dance festival is under her direction in some fashion). Witnessing the Princess and the stir surrounding her at such an intimate proximity was almost as entertaining as the flamenco itself. She enters through a side door, followed by others carrying various comforts for her, including a cart with tea. She walks casually to a plush seat that's isolated from others and, after a brief, curious look over her shoulder at her reverent onlookers, sits without ceremony. Members of her consort bring their offerings and, as protocol dictates, walk backwards on departure. Others kneel by her chair during the entire show as she follows the movement through opera glasses. All of this was recorded by a resolute cluster of video journalists, at least one of which capturing us in the process. Alas, though, I found no clip on youtube.