Monsoon season

They say Thailand has three seasons: hot, hotter, and hot and rainy. The third seems to have arrived early this year, just in time for my friend Jen's visit from Atlanta. I met up with her after classes for an afternoon neither of us will soon forget. It began with a visit to a beautiful old Hindu temple and then across the street to one of my favorite art galleries, Kathmandu. Here's Jen checking out some art in the gorgeous upstairs section:

Jen's guidebook led us on a wild goose chase for an Indian restaurant. Before we could find it, the sky opened up for a downpour that renders an umbrella useless. We ducked for cover on one of the scary green buses (known for barely slowing to a full stop). Rode that for a while, missed a good stop, and finally got off and went inside an ice cream shop. The owners were in a state about something and upon closer inspection, we quickly exited - water was leaking on their karaoke machine, causing it to smoke. We walked on and finally made it to a skytrain station. The night ended with our soggy selves over plates of mango and sticky rice. Read more on Jen’s always-interesting, often hunger-inducing blog featuring tales of her many travel and culinary adventures. This girl loves food like I do!